A World of Keflings Sugar, Spice and Not So Nice Trailer

The Candy Kingdom DLC is coming soon for A World of Keflings on XBLA
NinjaBee has released "Sugar, Spice and Not So Nice", a trailer for Candy Kingdom, a new DLC (downloadable content) for A World of Keflings. The new Candy themed kingdom is the second new kingdom to be added as DLC and expands the variety of climates found the Kefling world. The first add-on kingdom was the alien-themed kingdom, which was released last October as DLC titled, "It Came From Outer Space".
The candy-themed kingdom was chosen by fans as part of a contest held earlier this year in which fans voted to choose which of three scenarios (Candy, Graveyard or Pirate) would be the next kingdom to build in A World of Keflings. As part of the contest, one fan was selected and "Kefling-ized", or turned into a Kefling character in the game. This Kefling, known as Kari the Last Chocolatier, plays a prominent role in the story of the DLC.