Out of Hell 30 September 2012

They didn't get to make their own news
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1. For the first time, Movoto Real Estate has cracked the code on what an actual gold coin from Super Mario Bros. is worth in the real world. The size of a coin was analyzed in relation to Mario’s projected real-life size, then estimated the coin's worth based on the current value of gold in today’s market. Visit this page for details.

2. BAFTA Award-winning composer Jason Graves (Dead Space, Dead Space 2, Dead Space 3) will discuss the art form of writing and producing music for video games, with specific focus on the horror and sci-fi genres, during next month's New York Comic Con panel entitled: Maestros of Horror And Sci-Fi Music. The panel will be followed by a Meet & Greet / Signing Session at the Metal Machine/Sumthing Else Music Works booth (#1075).

3. Tryst now has a restricted version available to download from Steam for free. You will enjoy unlimited access to the Human race with no restrictions on units or buildings in multiplayer mode. While only one map is available to host via the free version, you may join a full version player on any map in the game. Upgrade and recieve the Zali race and the single player campaign, as well as the ability to host multiplayer matches with every map. Click here for more info.