Resident Evil 6 Released for PS3 and Xbox 360

Experience dramatic horror on a global scale in the most ambitious installment to one of gaming's most iconic franchises
Capcom today announced that Resident Evil 6 is now available to purchase across retail outlets throughout North America and Europe, for PS3 and Xbox 360 - the Windows PC version will follow in the coming months. Featuring four distinct, yet interwoven campaigns, Resident Evil 6 delivers terror on a global scale with the action moving from North America to Eastern Europe and China as the game's seven main protagonists face a new horror, the C-virus, which threatens to wipe out the entire world’s population.
Launching alongside the game is ResidentEvil.Net, a free web-service designed to enhance the Resident Evil 6 experience and bring together players from around the world. You can view all your game statistics and those of your friends, receive updates via your mobile device or social networks, plus compete in events with the chance to win in-game prizes.