Nuclear Union Concept Art Trailer

The video features beautiful, hand-drawn, and previously unseen, visuals from the nuclear future
1C Company has released a teaser video for Nuclear Union, a post-apocalyptic RPG in the works at Best Way and scheduled to be available in 2013 exclusively for PC. The USSR vs. USA faceoff known as the Cuban Missile Crisis was resolved by force in 1962 as the entire planet became involved in a nuclear war. With half of the Earth's population dead, almost the entire planet surface became unfit for living due to radioactive contamination. However the Soviet Union was ready for such an outcome. The military machine had mobilized and was operating at full throttle sometime prior to the world catastrophe. The country underwent a full evacuation of the citizens, industrial facilities and companies of the utmost importance to a pre-built network of specially equipped bunkers.
It's 50 years later, 2012, and you must go outside the capital city, Pobedograd (Victory City), to see what has become of Motherland and her cities and towns.