Aarklash: Legacy and Dogs of War Online Announced

Two new video game adaptation of the fantasy miniature wargame by Rackham
Aarklash: Legacy and Dogs of War Online, two new video games based on the Confrontation universe, will be available in Q2 2013 for Windows PC, Cyanide Studio announced. Originally created by Rackham, Confrontation is a medieval-fantasy world where several alliances of peoples clash at the dawn of Rag'Narok. Acquired by Cyanide in 2010, this license serves as the basis for both games, which are being developed in parallel.
Aarklash: Legacy is a tactical adventure game in which the player controls the destiny of a group of fighters. The most important facet of the game is combat strategy which is based on an active pause system. However, a heavy accent will also be placed on the storyline and the evolution of its heroes. With Dogs of War Online, Cyanide offers a management and strategy orientated free-to-play game. Players will be able to control their own mercenary companies, which they build themselves, and will compete in turn-based tactical battles inside online arenas.