Lace Mamba Global Signs Afterfall: InSanity Extended Edition and Trailer

Now extended, even better, and full of thrilling action
The Enhanced Edition of Afterfall InSanity, an action survival TPP developed by the Polish team Nicolas Entertaimment Group, will arrive at retail in several European and overseas territories in Q4 2012, Lace Mamba Global announced. In this game, powered by Unreal 3 Engine, the player will fight mutants and hostile war victims in the dreary ruins of once beautiful cities and in the refuges below former European metropolises to discover a horrible truth.
The Enhanced Edition improves the game’s graphics, cinematic approach as well as various gameplay features: Balancing has been improved in all levels, and the developers added some further gameplay elements to some levels. Additional tutorials will help the players through each level. Graphically, the developers enhanced the facial animations, many cutscenes and camera angles.
A new video is now locally mirrored.