Anno 2070: Deep Ocean Released and Trailer

The Anno 2070 experience gets deeper
Ubisoft today announced the release of Anno 2070: Deep Ocean, a new Anno 2070 add-on which focuses on a new faction called the Techs. Thanks to the new Genius population class, the Techs are able to expand further into the deep ocean. By experimenting with a new energy source called the geothermal power plant, the player will be able to build massive production facilities below the sea surface and might even secure one of mankind's most important needs: Limitless energy supply. Energy transmitters will allow transporting energy between islands while the player can build the impressive new Tech Monument as well as new buildings and decorations to make cities even more beautiful.
Anno 2070: Deep Ocean also includes over 150 new challenging quests, hostile natural disasters and co-op features. A video presenting the Domination Mode is now locally mirrored.