Close Combat: Panthers in the Fog Announced and Screens

The last traditional Close Combat game set to launch soon
Matrix Games and Slitherine have announced Close Combat: Panthers in the Fog, a new Close Combat game that depicts an historical battle that closely follows the events of Operation Overlord, which was the setting of the very first release. The Battle of Mortain, when the 47th German Panzer Corps launched a desperate week-long assault on the strategic position of Hill 315 where the U.S. 30th Infantry Division proudly defended the allied gains made during Operation Cobra and ensured the success of the breakout from Normandy and the liberation of France.
Using an updated version of the engine used for its predecessors, the game features factors such as ammo, morale, experience, suppressive fire, cover and concealment, along with weapon types, armor facing and penetration. Close Combat: Panthers in the Fog includes more than 50 historically accurate key units and 47 weapon types rendered in exact detail. It also features 35 unique regions to fight over, the possibility of commanding up to 21 squads per battle and truly enhanced multiplayer experience using Slitherine's integrated lobby system.
Three screenshots found their way in our gallery.