Sanctum Still Alive DLC Patch and Map Pack 2 Released

New update and map pack available now to Steam players
Coffee Stain Studios today announced the immediate availability of Still Alive, a new Sanctum DLC patch which adds two new towers (Drone and Accelerator), as well as a brand new weapon, the Tesla Gun. Also available today is Map Pack 2 which includes three new levels to the game (Industry, Chasm, and Invasion), each with their own new challenges through never before tested layouts. Sanctum - Map Pack 2 is available now for $4.99.
Additionally, Coffee Stain Studios has announced a Sanctum free weekend. From October 11 through 14, Sanctum will be free to play on Steam, with the base game and Sanctum Collection on sale at a 75% discount, along with a 20% discount on all DLC packs.

Sanctum on PC
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