World of Midgard New Kickstarter Campaign Begins

An old-school MMORPG from the days when MMORPGs were about RPG
Developed by Veraxon Entertainment, World of Midgard is a 3D MMORPG game that promises to offer rich, amazing, full 3D fantasy world, together with full support for factions conflict, factions battleground, rated arenas, 10-man raiding system, and more.
During your journey through the game’s world you will immerse yourself in a world inspired by Norse mythology. There are 6 playable character races: Human, Elf, and Dwarf belonging to the Alliance, and Orc, Dark Elf, and Blood Drak belonging to the Fury. In addition to selecting a race, you can choose from 5 different classes, which represent a unique style of the particular player.
The Kickstarter page is located here.