Monster Shooter 3DS Version Unveiled and Trailer

Join Dum Dum in his space quest to rescue a kitten
Gamelion today announced today that the 3DS version of Monster Shooter, the cartoon alien shooter from Gamelion became wildly popular on smartphones this year, is coming soon to Nintendo eShop. Monster Shooter lets the player rule Dum Dum, born hero space goon who does not like aliens and he has good reason for that. Aliens kidnapped his cat. Dum Dum has a simple plan to save his cute little kitty: He plans to shoot everything that moves. The shooting mayhem never ends as Dum Dum uses every weapon he can get his hands on, from shotgun to railguns to rocket lauchers, to blast tentacled fiends in to atoms.
A trailer for the game is now locally mirrored.