A-Men PS3 Version Announced and Trailer

A-Men takes the player on a journey through a series of different worlds, multiple levels and themes
Previously released for PlayStation Vita on PlayStation Store, A-MEN will launch for PS3 via PlayStation Network, NAMCO BANDAI Games Europe S.A.S. announced. A-MEN is played out at A-Corp, the world's biggest producer of A-Droids, robot soldiers and where A-Men's heroes work. The game kicks-off with a major explosion at the factory accidentally releasing hundreds of A-droid soldiers. And so the mind games begin with your mission to round up all the wayward enemies.
In addition to the previous features, this new version is presented in full HD (1080p), contains new action‑based multiplayer mode, allows cross-play and cross save with the PlayStation Vita version and more PSN trophies.
Developed by Bloober Team, A-MEN will be available on PlayStation 3 on October 17th 2012. A new video is now locally mirrored.