Iron Grip: Marauders Client

The first online strategy game to include tactical battles in spectacular 3D
Isotx has released the latest game client for Iron Grip: Marauders, a browser game that features turn-based gameplay mixed with 3D elements. The game is set several years after Warlord and Lords of Atelia, and the world of Iron Grip is plagued by conflict. Superpowers aspire to control smaller nations, plunging the land of Iron Grip into a continent-wide war. In the tradition of the Iron Grip series, Marauders once again employs strategy elements: the medium this time is your browser window, with strategic army and base-building to make your soldiers your own.
Players take up the reigns as opportunistic Marauders - bands of militaristic pirates controlling armies that serve no nation, instead seeking riches, infamy, or any other number of private goals. The objective is simple: build the strongest army and conquer. But as easy as that sounds, when your primary opponent is other clever players - nothing is ever quite as simple as words make it out to be.