Fallen Kingdoms Announced

Warthog today announced a new RPG game entitled Fallen Kingdoms. Set in a world of unspeakable evil, your task will be of restoring the fallen kingdom's peace by defeating Undrath, the Wraith Lord and its armies. There are six screenshots in our gallery and we've got the E3 2004 trailer for you to download. GamersHell.com Local Downloads:
  • Fallen Kingdoms E3 2004 Trailer (22 MB)
  • Warthog tempted into the dark world of RPG... LONDON, UK (2004) Warthog, the leading international games developer would like to announce to the gaming public that they are working on a RPG based in a world of unspeakable Evil... FALLEN KINGDOMS sets you on a journey across the dark and dangerous ruins of Aegion to seek out ancient mysteries. But, the forces of Undrath, the undead await you. If they cannot turn you towards their dark lord's purpose, they will kill you outright. For centuries, peace reigned in Aegion. But ancient prophecies foretold the failing of the king and the rise of Undrath, the Wraith Lord. Undrath gathered to him an army of unspeakable evil and, without a single king to unite them, the Kingdoms fell. But there is unrest among the survivors of the war. Former rogues, powerful wizards, even simple citizens have formed a loosely organized underground. They are bound together in a common cause... THE FALLEN KINGDOM MUST BE RESTORED! Stunning 3D World - 3rd-person with rotating camera, parallax bump mapping and self-shadowing create hyper-realistic environments. Advanced Visual Effects - Particles, animation, sound, and lighting interact easily with a node-based editor and playback system. Reactive Combat Choreography - Characters dodge, jump, and parry in synchrony with attackers. Chairs get thrown, higher ground provides advantage. Systemic Environmental Reaction - Fire ignites and spreads, objects serve as weapons or shelter, magic alters the landscape. Branching Quest System - multiple quests and subquests are available at one time. Morality System - Your actions alter the outcome of the story as well as affect character interactions throughout the game.. Threaded Loading - No load between maps. http://www.warthogtx.com/unleashedPR/Fallen_Kingdoms/index.html About Warthog: www.warthoggames.com About Warthog: Warthog is a critically acclaimed independent games developer with offices in the UK, USA and Sweden. Founded in 1997 and successfully floated on the London Stock Exchange with the symbol (WHOG) in 2001, Warthog has successfully shipped more than 20 games on all major platforms. og has worked with and continues to work with major international publishers across the industry, including Universal, Electronic Arts, Activision, Warner Bros, SCi, and Infogrames The Company has worked on numerous high profile licences to develop video games including: Harry Potter and the Sorcerers Stone (EA), Rally Championship (SCi) , Battlestar Galactica (Universal Interactive), Looney Tunes, Back in Action (Warner Bros/EA). www.warthoggames.com