Devil's Cove Kickstarter Campaign Begins and Screens

The game is currently in production and is nearing its BETA stage of development
Along with these screenshots, Anarchy Enterprises today announced Devil's Cove, a point-n-click adventure inspired by such legendary classics as Myst, Monkey Island and Broken Sword. Your adventure begins in the cursed harbor town of Devil’s Cove where a series of heinous crimes have been committed. The sinister Plague Doctor is wreaking havoc and the town is cowering in fear. Even worse, the local authorities appear to be complicit and have silenced all who have tried to stop these tragedies. Time is running out - and you are the only one who can solve the mystery, discover the darkest secrets of ‘Devil’s Cove’, and banish the evil forever.
The Kickstarter page for the game is located here.