Out of Hell 11 October 2012

They didn't get to make their own news
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1. On October 9th, Spirit Tales received a comprehensive expansion - the level cap was increased from 55 to 60 and two new instances and two new wild maps are available for players above level 55.

2. Kill3rCombo sent over a press release unveiling a pair of updates for the free-to-play manga inspired action MMORPG Elsword. The boss challenge dungeon Henir's Time & Space now features new bosses, many of which drawn from the game's newest region, Hamel. Also, the dungeon's flow has been revamped to add randomized "elite fights" and branching paths to keep players on their toes. With the second update, each pet has been given a wider range of buffs and increased special abilities. A brand new pet, a blue dragon called Wild Hatchling, has also been released. Every player will receive a free infant Wild Hatchling and will be able to pursue a special quest to the make the crafty dragon a permanent addition to their pet menagerie.

3. YoYo Games has announced that the Windows 8 export option is available as a free update for new and existing GameMaker: Studio Standard, Professional and Master Collection customers. Developers can now prepare and submit Windows Style UI games to Microsoft for publishing on the Windows Store very quickly and easily thanks to GameMaker: Studio’s one click exporting.

4. On Friday, October 12, five YouTube gamers will be competing head-to-head on Twitch.TV/Magic2013 to see who is the ultimate Duels of the Planeswalkers player. Tobuscus, Black Nerd Comedy, Katers17, OMFGCATA and Panser will be competing, with HuskyStarcraft hosting the event. Fans and gamers at home can learn along via personal vlogs posted by the contestants leading up to the event, and by trying out the free game demo for themselves. Visit the Facebook page for more details.

Elsword on PC
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