Depth Hunter Online Social Gaming Network Planned

The project is a mix of a MMO game and a social network
Biart Company sent out a press release announcing its plans to attract investments to develop Depth Hunter Online social gaming network for divers and release a public version of the biEngine technology. Depth Hunter Online is expected to unite both the professional audience: divers, underwater explorers and hunters as well as fans of underwater games. The game promises to offer real locations, top-brand diving equipment, special equipment (ROV, bathyscaphes, etc.). Apart from completing tasks, players can run their own business: set up a diving centre, build a team to participate in competitions, sell equipment, train divers, etc.
Every player will have their own account with possibility to upload and edit underwater photos; integration with Facebook; diving logbook and plugins to connect to underwater computers. Another unique option is the simulation of a player's real-life dives in the game, if the diving spot is in Depth Hunter Online locations database.
Diving companies will have an effective marketing, promotional and sales tool. Virtual offices of underwater equipment brands will be a part of the Depth Hunter Online world.