Rise of the Guardians Jack and the Guardians Trailer

This November, the Guardians will rise to protect us all from an evil spirit named Pitch
We have a new trailer for Rise of the Guardians, a video game based on DreamWorks Animation's feature film and developed by Torus Games. In Rise of the Guardians: The Video Game, you play in an action-packed adventure game as one of the classic childhood legends, including: North (aka Santa Claus), Tooth (aka the Tooth Fairy), Bunnymund (aka the Easter Bunny), Sandman, and Jack Frost. Each player has their own set of upgradable and never-before-seen extraordinary abilities to help you take on the evil spirit "Pitch" and his infectious nightmares.
Rise of the Guardian will be available at retail in North America on November 20 and across Europe three days later, PS3, Xbox 360, DS, Wii, 3DS and Wii U.