Cabela's Hunting Expeditions Strategic View Trailer and Screens

Strategic View allows you to plan your hunt by marking the target of your choice and then plotting waypoints that guide you to the optimal shooting location
Activision Publishing has released a new video and five more screenshots from Cabela's Hunting Expeditions which will launch on October 23rd, 2012, for PC, Xbox 360, PS3 and Wii. The campaign of Cabela's Hunting Expeditions sends players through majestic terrains from North America to Africa, discovering and deciphering the best way to take down the wide variety of animals the game has to offer. You should plan the hunt accordingly, as rewards will be granted for an accurate shot, while an inaccurate one will leave gamers walking away empty-handed.
To ensure that gamers get the most out of their hunts, Cabela's Hunting Expeditions utilizes Gun Builder mode that allows players to modify their firearms. The game also introduces an array of new all-terrain vehicles that make covering ground and discovering new hunting locations easier. Players will also improve their rank as they progress, unlocking better resources, new terrain and more challenging goals.