Dudebro II Trailer and Screens

A trailer filled to the brim with action, explosions and visceral cinematic sensibilities
Grimoire Assembly Forge today released a gameplay movie and lots of fresh screenshots from Dudebro II, a a 2D sidescroller scheduled to be available for PC and Mac. Dudebro II follows the exploits of elite soldiers John Dudebro and his sidekick Habemus Chicken as they chase anyone who threatens the world's brodiocity - an arms dealer, a voodoo priest, an evil glee club and more. Along the way, they'll have to fight through swathes of expendable enemies, including aliens, zombies and yetis.
Dudebro II both parodies and pays homage to some of mainstream video gaming's most prevalent tropes: super-macho protagonists, excessive violence and profanity, chauvinistic overtones and rampant immaturity. But it also pays respect to old-school gaming, with power-ups, pixel art story sequences and ridiculous boss fights.