Minecraft Getting Far Cry 3 Mod and Screens

Map modded by Michael Lambert, a well-known Minecraft enthusiast, and artists Axel Janssen and Yohann Delcourt responsible for the textures
Along with these screenshots, Ubisoft announced the creation of a map and texture pack for Minecraft inspired by Far Cry 3, which is to be released for free on PC on the 26th of October 2012. This pack allows users to explore and survive the Minecraft experience through the warped lens of Far Cry 3, with modifications to all aspects of the original game, including environments, weapons and tools.
You will discover key Far Cry 3 locations and characters, including Vaas, Jason and Citra, all completely redesigned in Minecraft style. The map also features over 50 Easter Eggs, hidden throughout the Islands.

Minecraft on PC
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