Miner Wars 2081 2.5D Experiment DLC Released and Trailer

Anyone will be able to create their own 2.5D death-match sector in the in-game editor
Keen Software House today announced the availability of Miner Wars 2.5D Experiment, a DLC that inherits all its features from Miner Wars 2081 code base, destructible environment, weapons, ships, art assets, game mechanics, turrets, and cargo boxes etc., except for some new feature like a camera set to a 2.5D top-down angle and missiles flying above the ground.
This DLC is now available as part of Miner Wars 2081 installation you just have to purchase "Miner Wars Arena + 2.5D Experiment" on the official website. That will unlock all the 2.5D sectors in Miner Wars 2081. A new video is now locally mirrored.