A Game of Dwarves The Life of Dwarves Trailer

Revealed footage shows dwarves in their natural habitats
Paradox Interactive today released a new video for A Game of Dwarves, a strategy management game in the works at Zeal Game Studios and due to be launched on October 23rd, 2012. Utilizing a combination of strategy and management, A Game of Dwarves gives players full reign over a dwarven settlement as they dig, build, and conduct research to expand their underground empire. With a careful hand, players will need to level up their weak dwarflings and transform them into brave warriors, master craftsmen, and diligent diggers as they scour for rare resources hidden in the depths.
You must defend your dwarves from terrible beasts living in the uncharted regions of the world and make sure to adapt your strategy and tactic because deep down underground, you’ll never know what you’ll bump into.