Soldner Secret Wars v29354 Patch

Wing Simulations has released the third patch for Soldner Secret Wars, bringing this tactical military multiplayer shooter to v29354. The update adds a new map (Bone Mountain), a new weapon (M4 Sopmod), disables fog in the Commander mode, improves joystick support and more (check full story for details). Local Download:
  • Soldner Secret Wars v29354 Patch (41.2 MB)
  • Changes Disabled Fog in the Commander mode Weakened the resistance of Wood Fences, it is possible to shoot through them now smoothed Camera interpolation for Soldier model Improved Keyboard input for more responsive Player control Added Spawn Camper Reduction (Optional Soldier temp. invulnerable on spawn) Improved Tank steering Improved Joystick support New terminal feature: personal inventory with radio button to select weapon to spawn with (only Pre-Round Equip Menu) New Weapon, M4 Sopmod New Map, Bone Mountain