Anarchy Reigns Release Date and Screens

PlatinumGames' insane fighting extravaganza due January 2013
Along with these screenshots, SEGA announced that Anarchy Reigns, a multiplayer brawler developed by PlatinumGames, will launch on January 8th 2013 in the US and January 11th 2013 in Europe, for PS3 and Xbox 360. Anarchy Reigns will deliver over-the-top close combat, set in a massively open and fantastical world in a bleak, mutant-filled future. Up to 16 players can take part in multiplayer matches over a variety of game modes; you will engage in all-out Battle Royale destruction, co-operate with your friends and vanquish hordes of monsters in Survival mode or test your sportsmanship over a few rounds of Deathball.