Dance Central 3 Released and Trailer

Dance series game on Kinect for Xbox 360 returned
Developed by Harmonix Music Systems, Dance Central 3 continues to expand on the Dance Central universe with new features that keep the party going, including an all-new multiplayer mode for up to eight players and the hottest, most diverse soundtrack yet, featuring songs by Usher, Cobra Starship, Gloria Gaynor, 50 Cent and many more.
Dance Central 3 features an all-new "Crew Throwdown" mode, which pits two teams of up to four dancers head-to-head in a series of "Battles" and fresh mini-games to become the hottest crew on the dance floor. "Crew Throwdown" features innovative gameplay, including the freeform "Keep the Beat" mini-game, in which dancers earn points based on the rhythm of their movements, and "Make Your Move" which challenges dancers to invent their own dance moves, then compete to see who can master a routine created on the spot. For a less-structured dance party, Dance Central 3 also gets right into the action with a Party mode that keeps the beats rolling and lets players drop in and out with ease to the best songs in dance.
Dance Central 3 is now available in North America and Europe - a new video is now locally mirrored.