Inertial Bash Alpha Version Released and Trailer

Build anything from a giant hammer, sword or both in a hybrid weapon
Developed by Team Visidious, Inertial Bash is a single player action arcade, hack-and-slash game for PC. The games uses an innovative mouse mechanic to simulate the swing of giant weapons for powerful, momentum based attacks. The weapon configurations are limited only to the players' imagination with the parts available, opening up a wealth of tactics and configurations for them to use as they bash their way through hordes of dangerous robots.
Team Visidious comprises five undergraduates of the Queensland University of Technology in their final semester of study based in Brisbane, Austraia. As the final project of students studying the Game and Interactive Entertainment Bachelorís Degree this game is the culmination of three (single)/four (double) years of study on the topics of game design, animation, and software technologies.
Inertial Bash will be available in late October - a trailer and the latest version of the game have been added in our download section.