SuperPower 2 Screens #4

Along with the fifth SuperPower 2 developer diary, GolemLabs has posted on the official website a new screensaver and three new screenshots (available also in our gallery), illustrating this strategy game due to ship later this year.
GOLEMLABS UPDATE: SUPERPOWER 2 DEVELOPER DIARY PART 5, SCREENSHOTS AND SCREESAVER Sherbrooke, Canada, August 3rd, 2004 – GolemLabs has posted the fifth Developer Diary of six on its official website today, detailing the development of its upcoming real-world strategy game SuperPower 2. This time, for the last Developer’s Diary to see the day before the release of SuperPower 2, GolemLabs sum up the design and production process they went through in creating the game. They talk about frustrations, mistakes, but also cool ideas they had. This diary, as well as the previous ones, is already available at GolemLabs also posted another SuperPower 2 screensaver. Download it at and see what happens when the nuking begins... You can also see the latest screenshots from the game at Developed by GolemLabs, SuperPower 2 is set for a Q4 2004 release and will be published world-wide by DreamCatcher Interactive Inc. About GolemLabs: GolemLabs is a French-Canadian developer based in Québec, founded with the mission of designing original and intelligent games to satisfy a growing need of novelty and freshness to the video games industry. The company’s first title, Super Power, struck a cord with more than 135 000 gamers worldwide and GolemLabs intend to recreate the experience with games that are always more innovative and clever. For more information, visit