Iron Sky: Invasion Release Date

Nazi's attacking from the Moon this November
TopWare Interactive today announced that Iron Sky: Invasion, a video game based on the dark, comedic, science-fiction film about Moon Nazis invading Earth, which premiered with huge fanfare earlier this year at the Berlin Film Festivals, will be launched on November 22nd, for PC, PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360. Iron Sky: Invasion puts the player in the pilot seat of defending Earth from a sudden Nazi invasion - from space. The player has at their disposal a variety of experimental, secretly manufactured space fighters, and are tasked with keeping these Moon Nazis off our planet. Iron Sky: Invasion will bear the major underlying theme of politics: everything, even defending your planet from "luna-r-tic" villains, requires skillful political maneuvers. You will need to know who you are fighting for, whose boots you are stepping on, and choose your friends, or more importantly, enemies carefully.