Bloom Kickstarter Campaign Started

A living breathing world of deep history and exciting creatures
In the works at Studio Fawns, Bloom is an isometric action adventure game with a dose of RPG element set in a rich fantasy world caught in in the midst of an epic battle between nature and the re-emerging technology of the past. In Bloom, you take on the role of a young survivor just beginning to explore her people's innate connection with nature as you try to stay alive against impossible odds.
The game features an ability system designed with as much cross interaction as possible. An ability, such as being able to shoot an arrow, is not limited to simply a damage roll against a creature. Instead, it serves as a single tool which can be used in a wide range of ways throughout the game. From adding weight to an object, to pressing switches, to delivering an object in your inventory to a distant location and much more.
The Kickstarter campaign page is located here.