Codename: Panzers Multiplayer Demo

The first multiplayer demo of Codename: Panzers is now available for download, offering the "Russian village" and "Stalingrad" maps that can be played in team match and domination modes by two teams of two players each. Thanks: 3DGamers. Be sure also to check out both single-player demos, Utah Beach and Warsaw if you haven't done so yet. This 3D tactical combat title developed by Stormregion, already out in Germany (story), will ship in UK on 3 September (story) and it will be released in North America on 31 August (story). Local Download:
  • Codename: Panzers Multiplayer Demo (177.6 MB)
  • CODENAME: PANZERS - MP DEMO #1 Stormregion & CDV Software Entertainment AG 8th July 2004 ------------------------------------------------------------------------ INTRODUCTION Enjoy the third playable demo of Codename: Panzers! It features two multiplayer maps and modes. We hope you'll have a great time playing PANZERS! Stormregion & Achim Heidelauf ( p.s.: A GAME WORTH PLAYING IS A GAME WORTH BUYING! ------------------------------------------------------------------------ 6. SYSTEM REQUIREMENTS Processor: Intel P3 or AMD Athlon 750 MHz ( Intel P4 or AMD Athlon 1,8 GHz recommended ) RAM: 256 MB (512 MB recommended) Operating-system: Windows 98/ME/2000/XP Video card : T&L capable video card with 32 MB RAM (64 MB rec. ) Sound card: 100% DirectX compatible Harddisk: 3 GB free disk space CD-ROM: 8x (12x recommended) DirectX: Version 9.0b (included) Internet connection (56k or faster) required for multiplayer gameplay. For best multiplayer performance and gameplay experience DSL is recommended. Hosting MP-Game: 1on1 minimum ISDN (64k) Internet connection (or comparable) 2on2 minimum DSL (768k) Internet connection (or comparable) ------------------------------------------------------------------------ 7. Hosting behind a Router Players using a router with firewall have to forward UDP-Ports to their local Panzers PC. UDP Port: 5555 6500 13139 27900 28910 For hosting with Windows XP it is strongly recommended to disable the integrated Firewall. Detailed Informations about "Hosting behind a Router" will be available on the official Panzers Webside (