Moment of Silence Teaser

Here is the teaser from The Moment of Silence, a high-tech political thriller in the works at House of Tales (thanks: 3DGamers). The game will feature pre-rendered backgrounds, 75 locations, more than 500 interactive screens, multiple choice dialogues, lip synchronisation using phonetic voice analysis, eight hours of professional voice acting and more. Local Downloads:
  • Moment of Silence Teaser (24.6 MB)
  • Lavish Adventure Title Set For October Release 23 July 2004 Eveyone knows that Elvis killed Kennedy, and that Shergar ate Diana. But the conspiracy to end them all will be unveiled in Digital Jesters' latest signing – the stunning adventure 'The Moment of Silence', due for release on PC CD-ROM in October 2004. The Moment of Silence is a high-tech political thriller scribed by German adventure masters 'House of Tales'. Set among the sprawling, metropolis of New York a few decades in the future, the game mixes real locations with fictitious areas to create a world with incredible variety, in which no-one is what they seem. Players step into the shoes of Peter Wright, a communications designer currently working on the Government's 'Freedom of Speech' campaign. But when his neighbour's apartment is stormed by a SWAT team, never to be seen again, Pete is drawn into a breathtaking world of corruption, power and global domination which will set hearts and minds racing. The game marries fully-rendered, animated backdrops with a traditional adventure interface, resulting in once of the best-looking examples in the genre. Full motion video – created by the team that has worked on countless other games, including Star Wars Rogue Squadron II: Rogue Leader – depict moments of high drama, putting the game on par with some of cinema's greatest thrillers. Over eight hours of professional voice talent ensure the drama sounds as good as it looks, with over 35 characters appearing throughout the game. Traditional adventure puzzles are fused with dialogue choices and action sequences to create an adventure which is constantly challenging – and one that aims to reinvigorate the genre. The Moment of Silence will be published in the UK by Digital Jesters for PC CD-ROM in October 2004, priced £29.99. Pre-rendered backgrounds 3D characters Mouse-driven Multiple choice dialogues Absolutely unique, highly immersive espionage thriller story Spectacular scenes and actions True-to-life characters with strong biographical background Fascinating, well researched visions of the near future 75 locations, designed by award-winning CG artists More than 500 interactive screens More than 35 speaking 3D characters 30 minutes of full screen video Eight hours of professional voice acting Lip synchronisation using phonetic voice analysis Motion captured animation Real-time facial expressions Dynamic dialog scenes (camera angle changes) Intuitive interface