Crysis 3 Hunter Edition Detailed and Trailer

Assess. Adapt and Attack in this latest Crysis 3 trailer showcasing the game's Hunter multiplayer mode
Crysis 3 fans who pre-order the game today can obtain the tactical multiplayer advantages of the Crysis 3: Hunter Edition which grants the lethal, cloaking friendly Predator Bow, a unique weapon skin for the bow, and the all-seeing Recon Arrow - all available in the day when the game launches. Also, you will start multiplayer at level 5 and you will get immediate access to the silent & deadly "Hunter" Nanosuit module, a powerful perk perfect for the included Predator Bow.
Finally, you will be able to experience Crysis 3 and the original Crysis together at launch when you preorder - but only for a limited time. A video presenting the Crysis 3 Hunter Edition is now locally mirrored.