Family Guy: Back to the Multiverse Screens 8 November 2012

In these screens from the Legend of Long John Peter mission, Stewie and Brian set sail for the high seas as they battle Long John Peter's sea dogs
Activision Publishing and Twentieth Century Fox Consumer Products have released five fresh screenshots from Family Guy: Back to the Multiverse which will be launched on November 23rd, for Xbox 360 and PS3. This is a video game offering an interactive Family Guy experience inspired by one of the most popular and notable episodes in the series' history.
With Multiplayer Challenges, you can invite up to four friends to play as Family Guy favorites, including Peter, Brian, Quagmire, Stewie and others, as you head into an epic battle or are sent on wild team mission. Designed with the fans in mind, the challenges ring true to Family Guy spirit with plenty of unexpected gags and cameos at every turn. Players will experience a host of challenges, but here's a few sneak-peek screenshots where wild free-for-all Family Guy madness takes over.