Commander The Great War Leader Screens

Get a glimpse of leader bonuses and units that will fight on the front
Slitherine and Matrix Games have released twelve more screenshots from Commander The Great War, a new turn-based strategy game developed by The Lordz Games Studio. This batch of screenshots highlights a number of leaders that players can attach to their units for bonuses, and show the unit information panels.
In Commander - The Great War, leaders such as the French general Henri-Phillipe Petain, British general Sir Douglas Haig, and even German general Paul von Hindenburg can be used to increase the stats on a selected and surrounding units. Each general has their positives and negatives, such as higher attack stats or causing lower morale on allied units. The player must be wise to choose where to send their generals on the front, for it may turn the tide of war for or against them.
Commander The Great War will launch on November 12th, 2012.