Champions Online Reloaded Update Launched

New weapons and old enemies await you in the Reloaded update
Reloaded, the latest Champions Online update, is now live, introducing a brand-new, full-fledged vehicle system. You can choose your vehicle's chassis and customize your vehicle powers, then take flight against evil in existing content or in the new "Assault on UNTIL Sky Command" mission. You can choose from one of thirteen base vehicle chasses with unique appearances, including the upgraded Hawkwing jets, sleek grav tanks, and quad-engined VTOL hover tanks. Subscribed players will be able to further customize their vehicles by changing the color of their vehicle powers.
Vehicle powers and stat-boosts are completely freeform and customizable, set up by adding vehicle Modifications into slots. Higher-quality vehicle chasses will have more slots and come with better powers, but all vehicle upgrades can be freely mixed and matched.
Update: a batch of screenshots has been inserted in our gallery.