Primal Carnage First DLC Revealed

The first of many planned game updates to introduce new modes and maps
Reverb Publishing and Lukewarm Media today unveiled that a new DLC (downloadable content) for Primal Carnage will arrive later this month. This free DLC includes an all-new objective-based mode code named "Get to the Chopper", and a brand-new mode specific map. In Get to the Chopper, the Human team must work together to make its way along a linear path to the chopper waiting for them at the other end. The Dinosaur team must also work together to pick off the Human team one by one and prevent it from reaching the chopper extraction point.
In addition to all planned free game updates, Primal Carnage will periodically be releasing alternative character skin packs. The first will also arrive later this month in the form of five new skins, one for each of the playable Dinosaur classes.