War of the Roses First Update Coming This Week

New Pitched Battle game mode rides into Open Beta
The first in a series of monthly content updates for War of the Roses will arrive this Wednesday, adding the Kingmaker sword, a crafted piece of steel brandished by legendary English nobleman Richard Neville, otherwise known as Warwick the Kingmaker. A new suit of heavy armor will also be available to choose with different paint options to customize one's fearsome look. One new helmet, four new visors, and seven new weapons, including the gothic mace, the halberd, and the horn-spanned crossbow, will also join the fray.
Players will also be introduced to Pitched Battle, a new game mode which challenges knights to take greater care with their lives - since, in Pitched Battle, death is final. Pitched Battle mode will begin an Open Beta when the update arrives, and all War of the Roses players are welcome to join.