Elminage Original Released and Screens/Trailer

Set foot into Halodra Ille, a world filled with magic, monsters, and mythical rings
UFO Interactive Games today announced that Elminage Original, a dungeon crawler developed by Starfish LLC for PSP, is available now in North America via PlayStation Store. Previously unreleased outside of Japan, Elminage Original entails a quest to obtain six legendary rings said to embody the strength and power of the gods. Players will lead their party members down into the cold blackness of dungeons, through slimy bogs, around crumbling towers of ancient ruins, and across forests where the naked and wiry branches of dead trees are so thick that they block out the sky above.
With hand drawn artwork, and boasting 12 races and 16 customizable characters to choose from, players will engage in classic turn-based RPG combat against swarms of vile monsters and twisted beasts. Eight screenshots and a trailer have been inserted in our download area.