Mass Effect 3 Special Edition Released for Wii U

Experience Commander Shepard's journey this holiday in an enhanced version for the Wii U
BioWare today announced that Mass Effect 3 Special Edition, an enhanced edition of Mass Effect 3 developed for Wii U, is now available in North America, addsing bonus content, including an interactive comic that gives players the back story to Mass Effect and Mass Effect 2. Wii U players can use the touchpad screen on the GamePad to activate and customize the abilities for their team, view enemies on the tactical mini map, and command squad members to move by pointing and dragging to a new location. Players can also switch the game view from the TV to the GamePad, playing the entire game right on the controller.
Included on disc are Mass Effect 3: Extended Cut and Mass Effect 3: From Ashes single-player DLC packs, as well as three post-release packs for the Mass Effect 3 multiplayer mode: Mass Effect 3: Resurgence, Mass Effect 3: Rebellion, and Mass Effect 3: Earth.