Chaos League v1.02 Patch

The Chaos League retail patch 1.02 is now ready for download - check full story for list of changes/fixes. This real-time sports strategy game was already released in UK by Digital Jesters. Chaos League was developed by Cyanide and features 9 races covering 70 different types of players, 170 spells and skills, several gameplay modes (solo, Quick Match, career, multi-player), and more. Local Download:
  • Chaos League v1.02 Patch (15.9 MB)
  • _______________________________________________________________________________ REVISION HISTORY - Chaos-League - Copyright (c) Cyanide Studios _______________________________________________________________________________ + Added feature or noticable improvement - Bug fix or something removed * Changed or Information _______________________________________________________________________________ Chaos-League 1.02 _______________________________________________________________________________ + Game-center Data export for the clan/team/2vs2/3vs Ladder has been implemented - Scenario Mode. Neither the difficulty nor mode of play were saved between sessions. - Scenario N°7. Bad calculation on ball possession time, making the scenario difficult to complete. - Backup. Correction of bug that could lead to potential loss of saved files (replays, teams, championships) after moving or renaming of files by user in Windows Explorer. * Match. It was impossible to chat when the game was paused. - Match. A selected opposition player who enters a smoke screen no longer keeps his red selection circle at his feet. - Cup The message saying that the team had won the cup, without ever having taken part in the competition, has been deleted. - Menu Management An empty logo was sometimes shown instead of default logo. + Management All Heroes have undergone a complete revision of abilities in career mode. (available in Championship mode). + Management Human and Dark Elf mercenaries have undergone a complete revision of abilities in career mode. (available in Championship mode). * Match "Firing up the crowd" now only moves the Spectator appreciation bar by 20 points. - Management Correction to freezing of game during transition from one week to another. (Some back-ups may be used, once again). - Match Correction to "Blood Drinker" and "Vampire" (who were not applied to the correct players). * Match Increase in the amount of time for the following vision spells : "Mole Vision", "Blind as a Bat", "Eagle Vision", "Sup. Eagle Vision", "Dissipation" and "Sup.Dissipation" - Multi It was possible to cheat during the Illicit practices (shame on you !!!). - Match Correction to squashing animation for Human runningback. * Match The power of the mine has been reduced. - Match Correction of problem whereby i twas impossible to heal dead players by clicking on the button at the top right of the screen. + Game It is no longer possible to execute 2 concurrent games. - Match The dwarf Hero "Mamamia" now appears in blue when playing for a blue team. - Management It is now possible to choose a different skin for a player. Warning: The new skins must be placed in the CustomTextures folder and their names must differ from the original ones ! - Match The recovery source was giving Health points to players on the ground. - Match Some potential loss of synch. have been corrected! - Replay Multiplayer-games replays were often corrupted. _______________________________________________________________________________ Chaos-League 1.01 _______________________________________________________________________________ - Video options Anti-aliasing was only applied if there was a change of resolution. - Gallery Menu 3D image of best player did not disappear when another character was selected in list. - Management Menu The wax seal button disappeared in resolutions other than 1024x768. - Everywhere Improvement on reaction to Alt+Tab keystroke, which didn't always work (the game stayed in the foreground). - Video Options Problem in detecting video modes when several monitors were connected. * Match The number of cheerleaders visible on the pitch had no relation to the number bought. The maximum number is still 3. - Match The pass reception animation went into a loop if the pass was intercepted but not caught properly. - Scenario "Active Pause" did not function in this mode. + Match The quality of the 3D image of the improved in low resolution. - Match / Knock-outs/injuries/deaths by mines, spectator Management lightning, spectator invocation, barrel of explosives : the dead were not considered as dead for the rest of the competition. Team stats were not updated. - Management Crash when a player already had all his abilities. - Management Some teams relegated to 2nd division had scheduled the purchase of a Hero. This purchase, being impossible, blocked all other purchases. - Management Cheerleaders, Resuscitation cream and Slow-Motions bought on the last day of the championship were lost, but the GP were spent. * Multi Choice of team and race of opposition is now hidden. - In standard mode only the division chosen by the opponent is visible. - In imported team mode, only the value of the opposition team is visible. - Multi Matches played in 2 (or +) vs 1 (or +) caused personal teams, saved to the same slot as the captain, to be overwritten. - Match At the start of play opposition players, hidden behind smoke screens were visible for a short instant. + Menus Texts can be cut and pasted from Windows to certain sections of the game. For instance, in the LAN menu it is now possible to paste an IP address. + GameCenter Now possible for the GameCenter to have stats on the races chosen in imported teams. - Management Doping and anti-doping in matches played in the background by the games AI were not zeroed at the end of a game. + Match Personal position choices for the start/restart of a game are now saved between matches. The choice is specific to a given team. It is possible to edit the file. - Options The icons for "Actions possible with player's Breath" have been set in the right place. * Management The mummy gets the "No Stress" ability and its price rises by 25000 GP. * Management Living Dead teams in the 1st and Elite divisions have had their squad list slightly modified. * Management A Praetorian Hero has had his abilities changed. * Management The Praetorian lineman has had his attributes adjusted. ___________________________________________________________________________