Rappelz Epic VIII: Onslaught Launched in North America

Tame new monsters and awaken the best gear
Gala-Net announced today that Epic VIII: Onslaught, the latest update for the classic MMORPG Rappelz, has been launched, bringing in a new Battle Arena, five elite field bosses to tame, a tremendous new system to improve gear, and much more. Battle Arenas offer three types of team PVP matches, each type features various constellations, up to 16 vs 16. Taking part in Battle Arena combats gets players Arena Points, which can be spent in an exclusive shop.
Another major addition coming with Victory Song is the introduction of five new creatures, which come as field bosses - a Minotaur, a witch-corpse based creature called Baphomet and the forest spirit Undine are amongst the new field bosses. By fighting these bosses, there is a chance to tame these creatures and turned them into pets.
Other improvements and additions include a title and badge system as well as the introduction of WASD controls to Rappelz, as well as the opening of three new PvE servers.

Rappelz on PC
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