Khan The Absolute Power Coming in Europe

Frazer Nash announced today that Khan The Absolute Power, a korean MMORPG developed by Mirinae Entertainment, unveiled in May last year (story), will be released in Europe in the near future. Khan The Absolute Power will be showcased at ECTS 2004, an event which will take place at Earls Courts, September 1-3. Check full article for new screenshots and details about the game.
The Golden Horn finally arrives in Europe The Mongols first swept towards Europe on their grand campaign in the 1220s. This invasion was halted by Genghis Khan’s death in 1227, when the Hordes withdrew back to Mongol. Now, one thousand years later, the Golden Hordes will be making another attempt at conquering Europe. Only this time it will be with Korea’s best known Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game Khan the Absolute Power. Developed by Mirinae Entertainment, Khan makes its début at this year’s ECTS 2004 taking place at Earls Courts September 1 - 3. Khan the Absolute Power is a MMORPG and is based on true 13th century historical events featuring Genghis Khan. The Mongol army became the most disciplined, experienced, and feared force the world had ever seen. This epic based online game takes players to the point where Genghis Khan reached the end of his expedition in the small kingdom of Eurasia which Khan's brutal force was never able to conquer. Players will re-visit history and prepare battles against the greatest conqueror of all time. Khan the Absolute Power was launched in Korea in November 2003 and now has 380,000 subscribers. It is about to have a major update with new features and Mirinae Entertainment is preparing to launch its most ambitious campaign yet with a massive siege war. Over 2000 players will be preparing to either attack at all cost or defend against the massing hordes outside the walls. ECTS 2004 will be an important event for the world of MMOG as many companies are now shying away from investment in this form of entertainment. There are only handful of companies in the world which can support and service MMOG in the global market and Mirinae Entertainment are one of the leading players, and to stake their claim they will be unveiling the English version of the this game at ECTS 2004. Khan the Absolute Power as yet does not have a home for its game in Europe, but with a gaming system that is ready to launch, it will not be long before we in Europe will be able to lay siege at Fortress Brotzwof and engage in battle against monsters and other clams who are out to protect what they own... About Mirinae Entertainment Mirinae Entertainment is a venture company that transformed into a professional online game development company in 2001. Within a few years, it has earned itself a reputation as one of the leading global on-line PC games publishers. Get immersed into ultimate conquest with Khan. Background Facts on playing the game Mirinae has consistently set the pace for innovation in networked games. And Korea's game networks are among the most advanced in the world. So it's no surprise that Mirinae's games are world class, too. Mirinae pioneered and advanced MMORPG Internet services that were the first to offer multimedia, multiplayer games and media-rich messaging between players. Mirinae has fostered a vibrant game content ecosystem that generates Guild Wars and Party as well as single RPG with built-in Kingdom System. Don't miss this exclusive look at one of the most innovative game networks in the world. Develop Character Based on Player's Ability Using Invention System KHAN offers advanced 3D Graphics coupled with invention system for character development and over a thousand items and newest monster characters. Each user's can develop up to 8 distinct character (currently supports 3) for playing on different fields and user options. Develop strong and adaptable characters based on the user's ability. (Knight, Assassins) Display sorcerer's magic based on character development by the user. (Monk, Micko) Defend with magic which can be orchestrated by the user's ability and to use spiritual guide of the character. (Necromancer) Physical strength and strength of defense will set the stage for your characters like the sorcerer. (Sorcerer, Wizard) Character growing system which can emboss quality and reasoning being caused by each user promises to compose game that is more deep and meaningful experience. Develop/grow up to 8 different characters to use freely Character development based on user's growth system utilizing thousands items at disposal Character development by profession and duties interchangeable options Develop Scenarios with Other Players and Foretell Your Own Story Khan scenario revolves around 8 episodes using 23 map locations of the pre Genghis Khan era where it starts with Absolute Monarchy Gajser invades the earthly paradise. Khan players are mutually gather strength and power to support their goals in the world of Khan. Player's dispositions and updating of their quests determines their feat and outcome. Strong Party Support Develop Communities One of the strengths of the "Party System" is to travel and with other players and as you play through the campaigns, you'll be able to bring benefits as summoning needed allies or random events on the battlefield in your favor. TPG (Training Growth Point Growth System) Each character collects practice points which are necessary in developing character growth which distributes points for growth and unit distribution. Agility, Wisdom, Mental power, Physical Strength, and character Charm can be grown and developed to trade in social and economic system. Power: Knighthood rank order will have enormous power. Other characters including Micko, Necromancer will have ability to grow power for their offensive power Agility; nimbleness; alacrity; quickness; promptitude; smartness; shrewdness. Ability to outwit and have agility will help in your defense. When fighting monsters, your damage will be minimal and will have ability to kill more monsters. Wisdom: Essential for wizardry, Necromancer and Micko will benefit this the most. The more point in Wisdom, more sorcery power you'0ll possess. Mental Power: Using mental power will help in the MP areas. Increased mental power you'll increase overall MP power which help various other power. Physical Strength: You can grow your overall physical strength which will help in your HP areas. Increased HP will help in fighting monsters and are able to kill them more easily. Charm: Charm personality is not in use at this time. Character Charm will determine overall value and personality to lead and be elected in your community such as Guild Master. Fame System When battling monsters in higher level, you'll need to posses stronger strengths and better items. Fame system will be awarded to those who lead their party to victory in Quests and Battles. With each Quest accomplishments your reputation will be recorded as reputation system and ultimately be appointed fame. Fame will be award with better items and abilities in the TPG. RTR (Real Time Ranking System) Characters are able to be ranked in real time format. You'll be updated with real time streaming of your rank. Using the rank will help in determining you place and you objective within the mission in progress. With demands from the users where their characters in a single player mode will not be in real time, consequently will delay your ranking (example: System load extra weight actual condition (Lag)) will be provided with more dynamic contents for the demanding player. Emotion Icon Chatting System (Instant Messenger) Khan's IM Chat system uses emotion icon with built in special icon emotion symbols: such as (Hi, Salute, Hurray, ^^, -,-) typing in the keys will reveal the icons. Supports sentiment icons using expressions keys Enter key to determine your options Inclination System In PVP (Player Vs Player) player are able to fulfill gaming experience with growth and accomplishments. Are able to build their levels and to gain experiences. Khan's PVP system within the MMORPG (Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game) offers players with freedom to seek and without any limit to any specific track. Players do have rules and restrictions applied to them where offenders will be punished accordingly. Those who punish the offenders will be merited. Offenders who continue to commits murder will be placed in a Chaos of Chaos mode. The character will be distinguished from others with scarlet letter. The body will change color, the character ID also will also change color to dark red. In order to reform your character, you'll need time and will walk in time. You'll end up loosing items, skill, and strength. In preemptive kill, instigation will be justified where you can then, defend yourself. In a fair fight you will not be penalized for kill. If you track down a murderer and take revenge by killing, you will be marked a Hero. Your Character ID will change color to blue to distinguish yourself as a Hero. You'll earn bonus items power, abilities. Online game with award and distinguishing PVP system PVP mode with self reliance, redemption, revenge, and Samaritan mode Variety Techniques and Sorcery Khan has over 200 various skills and sorcery and wizardry. From powerful offensive "Bash" to ability to use "Recovery" which can only be used by the wizards and sorcerers which makes game more interesting. Over 200 set of skills and sorcery and wizardry spells Available only for certain characters for variety of interesting characters Develop System Khan game not only features hunting down monsters to gain set items. With the items like the iron, life, crystals collected, the characte's level is updated and the stones gather can be developed and acquire for a better item. Liquid potion also can be acquired and taken for sorcerer's magic ability. TFE (The Five Element System) Metal (Venus: Metal), Wood (Jupiter, Wood), Water (Mercury: Water), Fire (Mars: Fire), Earth (Saturn: Land) five agents: the movements of the stars, the workings of the body, the nature of foods, the qualities of music, the ethical qualities of humans, the progress of time, the operations of Party, and even the nature of historical change. All things follow this order so that all things can be related to one another in some way: one can use the stars to determine what kind of policy to pursue in kingdom, for instance. Compatible Example: Wood makes Fire, Land needs Water Incompatible Example: Fire dies in Water Fisherman, Mine Worker, Blacksmith, Hunter, etc. 2nd Trade System You'll see fisherman, hunter, and even some totally creative character like boulder-throwing "mine workers" who can fling enemies with Hulk-like strength. Character with such special attacks will be introduced which will be interwoven with the main characteristics to increase life. Another difference will be the colorful, lived-in environments themselves, featuring swaying trees, and grass where the newest monster will wander. 2nd trade the character can have a fun and interactive experiences. Fisherman can fish for food. You can mine and a blacksmith will make new items and weapons. The hunters will hunt for monsters, not for points and growth nut rather for its skins to make leather for clothes. Kingdom System & Massive Guild System Khan will be developing Kingdoms System where player are able to build their own kingdoms and to participate in a massive Guild in a battles to overtake kingdoms and build empires. Battles will be held at battleground specially made for this feature. Various feudalism, with possibility of building empire which becomes permanent fortress Empires with possible government and tax levy on the fortress Population growth with participate at massive Guild for glory and crown heroes Attack neighboring kingdom in Guild for invasion for possible increase in your character's overall power Guild with high prizes including Hero status, weapons, clothing, and status Great kingdom and guild ability will determine growth of your kingdom to twofold Territory, Kingdom, and juristic economic systems not offered in other games Boundless Repetition Quests Demon World System Khan game will continue to offer players with various gaming experiences, be it game within the game, second trade for characters. The game will strive and offer continuous Quest repatriations that are boundless. PH (Private House System) Each character can acquire its own home. A place where they can store their weapons, hang their clothes and to have a relaxing rest. Khan truly offer a RPG with a private home, mini game within the game, chatting, fashion, Guild, Quests. Private home for storage, R&R, and to decorate to your specifications Welcome characters for a up of coffee to your home! MF (Matrilineage Formation System) Multi faceted society with upward and downward mobility, with family, marriage system. Game focuses on the character interactions and develop technology for player communication system for reality RPG. Marriage, start a family with family tree with ancestral scenarios Develop communication system for interaction for society based RPG MG (Mini Game System) Game within the game. Characters can play games like chess, checkers, soccer matches and more with other character. Mini games to pass time, for amusement Experience Cultural experience in cyberspace World soccer matches, hosting main sporting events TBN (Transformation Battle Net System) Battle Net System is for potential player engaging in a battle between low ranking player and a high ranking player. Currently, if a low ranking player were to loose a battle with high ranking player, he would loose his ranking and points. Important changes to the ladder system is for those who posses ranking up 10. Those players would not be penalized no matter what latter system or the score are. The new ranking can only be changed by battling with a competitive player. The rank of the player who are ranked between 1-10 can be changed if he is beaten by the player who has the same ranking, otherwise its not subject to the ladder scores. Rank 1 can only be challenged by rank 2, and rank 2 can onle battle rank 3 and so on. Those who are ranked higher than 10 can be challenged by ranked player higher than and up to 50. One senerio would be a rank 1 player would battle with rank 3 player would not have any subsequent effect on their ranking and points. However, from rank 11 and on will result in a point and ranking position fluctuations where you can loose them. This new system will help those with lower ranking accumulate points and higher ranking by making competitive battles and not penalize advers challenges from much higher ranked player. Those who does not accept challenges from a higher ranked player will not be penalized to do so. It will just be noted and be exempt from matches. Option will be available for sanctioned or non sanction battle with or without subsequent impact on their overall scores or point. Protection rule (this can protect those problems) for the Problems which are supporting and abuser (a user who is abusing) of prior/existing ladder system of Battle Net. 1st place ranked can play with only 2nd place. Only 2nd place asks for the battle to 1st. 2nd place should be from 3rd. 10th can be asked from 11th ~ 50th only. (all possible except for these) 1 ~ 10 ranked : can change ranking if they loose to the very next ranking player/competitor without effecting ladder score If higher ranker doesn't appear/play certain time the ranker will be eliminated automatically GI (Growth Item System) Each players aquire items through growth system. Depending on the skills and the action taken by the player will determine the item aqaquiring. Traveling through with an item aquired to another continent can result in finding a better items. Items are aquired through growth system Items are upgradeable through hard work and ability Special Gate to Place- Various Pursuits Passage way to a place where players can go and pursuit a game of puzzles and test their mental alerness and memory. Passage way to test player mental and intellectual capacity Passage way to the game with puzzle for a key.

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