Arena Wars English SP and MP demos

The English version of the single and multiplayer demos for Arena Wars, the action/RTS game previously known as WebWars Arena (story), are now available for download. The game has been already released in Germany and will ship in UK in September (story). Local Download:
  • Arena Wars Multiplayer Demo (85 MB)
  • Arena Wars Singleplayer Demo (66 MB)
  • ARENA WARS - FAST PACED RTS ACTION WEST MIDLANDS, England (July 15th, 2004) - ASCARON ENTERTAINMENT, a leading European software developer and publisher of gaming software, today released further information on their upcoming strategy title for PC CDROM - 'ARENA WARS'. Set for a SEPTEMBER 2004 UK release, Arena Wars redefines the way Real Time Strategy (RTS) games are played. Aggressively priced at £19.99, Arena Wars continues the ongoing sales and marketing relationship with exclusive distributor, KOCH MEDIA in the UK. ARENA WARS is a unique 3D RTS game, blending the game play principles and interface of traditional RTS games with the fast pace of action-based shooters. Featuring single and multiplayer game play, the multiplayer action supports up to 8 players and utilises the latest technology in player interaction, featuring real-time voice and live web cam broadcasting. With three styles of game play; Capture The Flag, Bombing Run and Double Domination, numerous power ups to collect and various combat units under the players control, the action is fast and furious, where quick strategic decisions will determine the victor. 6 single player tournaments with over 60 individual missions 3 different game modes: Capture The Flag (CTF), Bombing Run (BR), and Double Domination (DD) 3 different terrain sets (grassland, desert, and volcano), all displayed using a fast and highly detailed 3D engine. Adaptable graphics engine improves performance on less powerful machines Dedicated Arena Wars Server for online gaming. Multiplayer via LAN and Internet for up to 8 players and 4 observers per game with Advanced Chat Server Full Replays recordings - save the full game for complete playback, including every player's mouse and screen positions from the whole game. Observer views and even all voice and webcam data can be stored Supports real-time voice communication (via headset), and video (via webcam) enabling Easy to use, intuitive map editor, import player logos Unscripted artificial intelligence plays at a very high level, is never predictable, and can play on any map (retail or custom!). A vast range of AI settings and behavioural traits to select from SYSTEM REQUIREMENTS - RECOMMENDED Operating system: Windows® 98SE/NT/ME/2000/XP/2003 700 MHz Processor 128 Mb RAM (256 Mb recommended) GeForce 2 MX / Radeon 7500 or better Soundcard Internet connection (to play online) 80 Mb Free Hard Drive Space CD-ROM Drive ARENA WARS is published by ASCARON ENTERTAINMENT. Exclusively distributed in the UK by KOCH MEDIA, the game will launch on PC CD ROM for Windows PC's September 2004 at £19.99. For additional information, visit the official website at: About ASCARON ENTERTAINMENT: Ascaron Entertainment GmbH, based in Gütersloh, in the north of Germany has been developing entertainment software on various formats since its inception in 1991. One of the oldest developer-publisher companies in Europe, Ascaron is privately owned. The senior management of Ascaron have over 100 years of games industry experience, and all remain avid games players. Currently, Ascaron is focused on delivering high-end RTS, Simulation and Action titles for the PC market that will entertain the more discerning consumer with many hours of in-depth game play. Previous successes include The Patrician (1992), Elizabeth I (1996), the Anstoss football management brand (throughout the 1990s), and Port Royale (2002). The UK subsidiary, Ascaron Entertainment (UK) Ltd is based in the West Midlands and is responsible for launching and developing the Ascaron product range overseas. ABOUT KOCH MEDIA UK: Founded in 1994, KOCH MEDIA UK develops, publishes and distributes a diverse mix of titles for home console gaming systems, personal computers and the Internet. Based in Basingstoke, the company has distribution contracts with a number of software publishers, including NINTENDO. For publishers not in the UK, KOCH MEDIA exclusively markets, sells and distributes titles, representing the publisher to the UK market place. Under its own brands of DEEP SILVER and EUROPRESS, KOCH MEDIA develops and publishes its own range of gaming and educational and lifestyle software. For more information on KOCH MEDIA and its products, visit