Anarchy Online: Alien Invasion Gone Gold

Funcom today announced that Anarchy Online: Alien Invasion has gone gold and will ship on September 1st. The next chapter in the MMORPG saga contains the full version of Anarchy Online, Anarchy Online: Notum Wars and 30 days of included gametime for new accounts. Customers who pre-order Alien Invasion prior to launch are entitled to 10 exclusive and hilarious Leet pets (story). Be sure to check the E3 2004 trailer if you haven't done so yet. New screenshots? Ten.
Anarchy Online – Alien Invasion gone gold -Release 1st of September – Includes new beginner experience - Durham, USA — August 10, 2004 – Funcom announces that Anarchy Online – Alien Invasion has gone gold. The forthcoming Anarchy Online expansion pack is packed with fun and innovative features, bringing the finest sci-fi MMORPG on the market a huge step forward. “With this expansion we seek to further strengthen the sci-fi aspects of Anarchy Online,” said Game Director Marius Enge, “Not only that, we have filled the expansion pack to the brim with unique and fast-paced action features, as well as a host of socially orientated features like player-made towns and guild houses. I believe that the combined package of Alien Invasion and the original AO will further cement our reputation as the ultimate sci-fi MMORPG” Funcom is also implementing a brand new beginner experience with the coming of Alien Invasion. The new sci-fi orientated beginner playfield lowers the entrance barrier into the world of Anarchy Online, allowing everyone a more entertaining beginner experience. New Action Features: R Repel massive world-spanning invasions by a ferocious alien race R Provoke alien city invasions! Experience epic large-scale warfare for entire guilds! R Attack and board alien spaceships R Discover and utilize powerful alien weapons, armor, technology and perks R Challenge yourself on numerous new quests R Experience a brand new beginner area New Social Features: R Build epic cities with powerful benefits R Construct towering guild houses R Decorate cities with extra fixtures R Set up your own player-controlled shops R Access revised tradeskill interface and item search tool R Dress up in a wide array exciting new social clothes R Rule the sky in futuristic flying vehicles The expansion pack will include the full version of Anarchy Online, Anarchy Online - Notum Wars and Anarchy Online – Alien Invasion, as well as 30 days of included gametime for new accounts. Suggested retail price is 29.95 USD EUR. Customers who pre-order Alien Invasion prior to launch are entitled to 10 exclusive and hilarious Leet pets. More information on pre-order program, eligible partners and images can be found on www.anarchy-online.compreorder ABOUT FUNCOM - Funcom is an independent developer and publisher of computer and console games with a focus on Adventure Action and Massively Multiplayer Online Games (MMOG). Funcom has provided outstanding entertainment since 1993 and continues to expand its track-record of 23 released games to date. Recent successes include the multi-award winning The Longest Journey, the award winning and critically acclaimed Anarchy Online - The Notum Wars and the heralded masterpiece Anarchy Online - Shadowlands. For corporate information please visit For information about Anarchy Online visit .For information about Dreamfall visit .