Far Cry 3 Co-op Trailer

With local and online split-screen on consoles, up to four players can reign havoc in paradise, all in the name of revenge
Ubisoft today launched a new Far Cry 3 video, showcasing the co-op mode, based on a whole new campaign. Six months earlier, four survivors set out on their own campaign for revenge. They have been sold into slavery to Vaas by their own captain, all their savings have been stolen. And now it's time for payback.
You will follow Callum, the Scottish thug, Tisha, the ex-solider, Leonard the crooked cop and Mikhail, the Russian hitman in a new adventure on Rook Islands. The co-op mode supports 2 players split-screen, and up to 4 players online on Xbox 360 and PS3, or up to 4 players online on PC.
Far Cry 3 will be available on November 29th (Europe) and December 4th (North America), for PC, Xbox 360 and PS3.