Firefall Beta Weekends Announced

Founders Rewards Program launches with exclusive items
Red 5 Studios today announced that they will be hosting a series of Beta Weekends for Firefall offering thousands of new players 48-hour beta access to experience the game and to stress-test the servers. Firefall's upcoming Beta Weekends are scheduled Nov 30-Dec 2 and Dec 7-9. These are North American and European 48-hour stress-tests with players encouraged to find bugs, test various features and help the developers improve the beta by providing feedback.
In related news, the Firefall Founders Rewards program unlocks exclusive bonuses for founding members as new funding goals are reached. With the first funding goal already achieved thanks to early supporters, all founding members have been given Virtual Camouflage Goggles. Upcoming items and live progress updates can be tracked here, and new players will still gain access to all unlocked rewards by purchasing a Founders Pack.

Firefall on PC
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