Grimlands Second Closed Beta Test Begins and Trailer

The servers will stay open until Wednesday the 5th so that all content and changes can be thoroughly examined
Releasing a new video, gamigo today announced the start of the second closed beta round for Grimlands, a post-apocalyptic MMORPG shooter in which players have one goal: survival. In order to get along in such a hostile world, the player will have to rely on their alter ego's skills. These are not determined by the character's class or improved by adding skill points. Skills are improved by being used and skills that are not used regularly being forgotten after a while. Thus each player develops their character through their own personal playing style. Another highlight of this feature are the various vehicles that can be custom-modified and can even be driven by a group people as well as the cities that can be founded and expanded.
Beta testers can look forward to around three-times as much game content. There are mercenaries and mutants to fight in far-off settlements which they have taken control of. In addition to this the number of dungeons has grown to 23. With the new version there's been a comprehensive renewal of the interface, substantially more intelligent opponents, a reworked shooter feeling, and improved graphic effects.