F1 Online: The Game New Content Released and Screens

Invite your friends to speed through the streets of Japan
Along with these four screenshots, Codemasters announced that F1 Online: The Game has been expanded with a range of new features and brand-new circuits. Currently in open beta, the game offers now three new circuits in Japan which can be raced with up to 24 players online. Complimenting the existing licensed circuits and expanding the fictional environments to six, the new Japan routes are inspired by Tokyo and offer three different street racing challenges. Kitamachi Kaido offers a short sprint through a financial district with aggressive corners, the Higashi Kokado is a high-speed sprint through docklands and includes a dramatic elevated expressway, and the Ryokuen Route is an extensive race in which players speed through parks and past Imperial Palaces.
Further updates being added include all-new High-Performance A-Class components, new Team Headquarters upgrades and a new Friends system which will enable players to invite friends to a race. A range of new Team Objectives extend the game further and players will now be able to sign-up and login to the game via Facebook.