CosmicBreak European Second Closed Beta This Week

During the CBT, all players will be able to choose 6 starting robots from 32 different choices
CyberStep sent over a press release announcing that the second closed beta for CosmicBreak will begin at 12:00 noon CET on Wednesday, 5th of December 2012. CosmicBreak is an anime style 3D MMO third person shooter adventure with big robots, colorful and explosive PvP battles with up to 60 people at once, and fast-paced missions in a universe long ruled by galactic anarchy. Players will belong to one of the 3 unions, each led by the long-dormant race of gigantic robots called Arks.
Players are free to mix, match, disassemble, and rebuild their robots however they see fit. Experimenting with over 300 parts and weapons plays an important role in developing stronger robots and gaining an edge over other players in the Arena. Robots may also be custom painted using the Skin Editor, and some parts may even be reshaped using the Polygon Editor.